What we stand for:

Tilburg, a green municipality

We remain committed to a greener and healthier living environment for people and animals. As a result GroenLinks wants to further implement nature in and around the city, including our urban regional parks; Landscape Park Pauwels, Stadsbos 013 and Moerenburg-Koningshoeven. We aim for clean and safe ways in which we travel and provide space to pedestrians, bicycles and public transport. This is beneficial for the climate, air quality and our health. We are sticking to the ambition of becoming a climate neutral municipality by 2035, in which we generate all our energy and heat sustainably, with a fully circular economy so as not to waste any more raw materials. Of course we do this together with our residents in a fair, affordable and social way.

Koeien en bloemen aan de rand vaan een beek in Jufferswaard
Een jonge vrouw in de thuiszorg helpt een oudere vrouw met opstaan


People are at the centre of healthcare and well-being and they retain control as much as possible. Facilities are close by, accessible and of high quality. All residents must be able to participate and have livelihood security and development opportunities. The municipality continues to actively combat poverty. Everyone should be able to live and work comfortably in Tilburg. We will provide more affordable and sustainable homes. There is also plenty of space for sports and exercise in your own neighbourhood. Every child deserves a good start. We therefore attach great importance to early childhood education and childcare. Education is the best way to increase your chances in life. GroenLinks wants the municipality to remain a good and reliable partner of the educational system and to continue to make active connections with care, sports and culture.

Tilburg, an open municipality

Tilburg is a colorful municipality for GroenLinks where acceptance and inclusivity are crucial. We take strong action against discrimination. We continue to work on global awareness, because what we do in Tilburg has a global impact. A strong art and culture sector enriches every resident and is indispensable for continuing to profile Tilburg as an innovative cultural city. A place where our residents feel free goes hand in hand with a safe city and villages. We will continue to fight crime vigorously with both prevention and enforcement. We protect the privacy of our residents. GroenLinks does not want a split in society. Everyone should feel heard, be able to participate and have equal opportunities and equal access to facilities.

Groep demonstranten tijdens een protest voor Black Lives Matter

Meet Esmah


Currently serving as an alderman in our beautiful municipality and leader of GroenLinks Tilburg.
She also is a member of the Dutch Education Council, where she is committed to achieve good education for everyone. The Council has been advising successive  governments and parliaments on education policy and legislation.

Prior to this, she was working as an assistant professor in the field of ‘Victimology and Criminality Justice’ at Tilburg University and as professor in Child Abuse and Neglect.

In her spare time she loves to run, hike and cycle in the beautiful nature surrounding our city

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